Elvis Knievel Sculptures

"Boxxed Rayguns"

Approximate Dimensions 18" X 12" X 5"

"Christmas Trees For The Post-Apocalypse"

Approximate Dimensions 44" X 28" X 9"

"Flying V"

Dimensions 39" X 15" X 3.5"

"Volume And Tone"

Dimensions 39" X 15" X 3.5"


Dimensions 10" X 6" X 6"

"Barbie de Guadalupe"

Dimensions 38" X 13" X 8"

"The Death And Resurrection of Old Technology"

Dimensions 83" X 55" X 14.5"

These are images of original sculptures by Elvis Knievel. Part of a series of urban, future-folk ray-guns. All of the guns were constructed between July 2009 and the present. The images below are part of a multi-piece collection that reside in select Arizona galleries and in the hands of a few private collectors. All the guns are adorned with recycled pieces and parts that reflect my tastes and lifestlye choices. Interests in skatebording, snowboarding, cycling, drums, guitars, cars & microphones have all helped shape the final outcome for these sculptures.